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I’m a Mother and I have Anxiety

September 25, 2019

Yes I’m over protective when it comes to the twins and that’s purely because they were born prematurely. The night before leaving the hospital and the thought of not taking the girls home with me, caused an anxiety attack. This anxiety attack bought my blood pressure up, which in turn gave me another day extra in hospital with them!

You know what? I must have suffered from anxiety as a teen, or perhaps even as a child. Back then it wasn’t as ripe as it is right now, especially since becoming a mother. I think I shrugged it off whilst growing up but once I set upon my fertility journey, it became a prominent part of my life without even realising.

How do I feel you ask? Well it’s an overwhelming feeling of panic, constantly feeling irritable, always on edge, at times manic in my behaviour, way over protective and I’m forever worried with thoughts I can’t control.

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